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The latest design in developmental products for babies.

Many tummy time mats have a large support pads that provide comfort to the child. These types of products do not allow the child to engage many of their muscles and obtain the important benefits of tummy time.

The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat's unique, patented design provides comfort and allows the child to develop strength, motor skills and cognitive ability.

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My daughter will be three months old on the 29th and has absolutely HATED tummy time every time we have tried it. With this tummy time mat there was a noticeable difference right away. Not only did she begin to use her arms to push herself up for the first time, but I've noticed that she now tries to do sit ups when she is on her back so there has obviously been an improvement in core strength. She hasn't mastered tummy time yet but she is definitely on her way and that is due to the WellBaby mat"
- Joanna

Innovative Design

The patented, ergonomic design provides the ideal amount of support so your baby can be comfortable and happy during tummy time. Happier babies will benefit from more tummy time.
Promotes Development

Designed by Pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Dana, the Well Baby tummy time mat helps with core strength and gross motor skills. Babies who enjoy tummy time are more likely to scoot, sit and crawl on time. Tummy time also helps with your baby's fine motor skills and cognitive development.
Easy to clean

The material is soft and easy to clean. Babies may drool and spit up during tummy time. Unlike cloth or porous mats, The Well Baby Tummy Time Mats smooth surface can be easily wiped clean so it can be used many times each day.

Why tummy time is so important

Tummy time is an essential activity for all babies and should be started soon after birth. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)s HealthyChildren website recommends 2-3 five minute tummy time sessions in the first few days of life. They recommend the frequency and length of time of the tummy time sessions should increase as your baby grows. We recommend 4-6 ten minute sessions throughout the day for your growing baby. This helps promotes core strength, as well as gross and fine motor skills. Tummy time also decreases the risk of developing flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) and wryneck (Torticollis). Research has shown that tummy time activities also contribute to cognitive development. The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat was designed so your baby will be happy during tummy time and obtain all these important benefits.

The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat is available for just $39.95 which includes FREE SHIPPING in the United States.

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